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Vehicle breakdowns on busy motorways are unfortunately a common occurrence. With a huge volume of cars at high speeds, it can be very easy to panic. However, if you have invested in our Vehicle Recovery Services you can be sure that help will arrive.

At VCS Recovery Ltd, we understand how frightening and stressful it can be to break down in such a high risk location. We have listed some tips to help you if you ever find yourself waiting for roadside assistance.

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Amazing service! Crash my car and rang Simon, withington 20 minutes he picked me up towed my car back to the garage and dropped me of at home, he was very reassuring that everything would be fine , he got my car fixed within a day of having it, couldn’t recommend any more!!

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After a day which included a bereavement in the family it wasn’t ideal having to ring for car recovery. My experience with VCS Recovery Ltd was great…Very pleasant experience all round. Actually lifted my spirits. Will be keeping their card with me should I ever need roadside recovery again. Great job! 👍🏼

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First and foremost, if your vehicle can still move, try to switch lanes as quickly and safely as possible. Remain calm and focused, carefully using your mirrors and checking blind spots to maneuver your vehicle to a hard shoulder or as far left as you can. The aim is to pull over at the safest point on the road whilst causing minimal disruption to the normal flow of traffic.

Once you have reached the farthest left side of the road, you should put on your hazard lights and turn your steering wheel to point the tyres towards the banking and away from the road. This is to ensure that if in the case of another driver crashing into your car, your vehicle will not be moved back towards the active carriageways. We also advise that you stand to the rear of the vehicle to ensure your safety whilst you wait for your Vehicle Recovery Service.

If you have suffered full engine failure on a motorway and you cannot maneuver to a safe location, the most important thing to remember is not to panic and to act as quickly and safely as possible.

In these scenarios, we advise drivers to put on the appropriate warning signs (hazard lights) and not get out of their car. It can be scary sitting in a stationary vehicle with the traffic building up behind you, but an attempt to cross a busy motorway on foot is extremely dangerous.

Fortunately, most very busy motorways have traffic patrols and cameras, so relevant authorities will be aware of your situation and take appropriate measures to slow or divert traffic. However, whilst you are waiting for our Vehicle Recovery Services team to arrive, there are some measures that you can take to ensure the safety of you and other motorists.  

  • Hang out a white piece of cloth or paper on the driver’s side of the vehicle to complement the hazard indicators if visibility is low. This will help notify the other drivers that you are in trouble and they should go around you.
  • When you call your Vehicle Recovery Services team, you can ask for advice on the best cause of action. Every breakdown situation is unique and should be treated as such.
  • If you have a flat tyre and think you can change it yourself, but the tyre is facing the active carriageway, we strongly advise that you do not attempt any roadside repairs.
  • At night, your hazard indicators may not be adequate enough to alert other drivers that your vehicle is completely stationary. Our Vehicle Recovery Services experts advise that you place a reflective warning triangle approximately six feet behind the stationary car. If it is safe to do so, we also advise that you turn on all interior lights.
  • Take extreme caution when waiting for our Vehicle Recovery Services Our team advise that you stand behind any barriers and try to remain calm.

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